Vibrant Education

For Teachers, Schools and Sports Teams

Our adventurous approach to education and fitness is all about creating vibrant and engaging experiences that activate mind & body.

Adapt and Interact

Our online lessons are highly interactive from start to finish and can be adapted to any size classroom, using materials from around the school.

Curricular Alignment

All content is designed to align with curriculum from around the world, and covers key areas in Physical Education and the Arts. 

See “Curriculum” page

Press ‘Play‘

Our 15-minute Introductory Course prepares students and teachers with everything you need to know before starting lessons.

After that, it’s as simple as pressing ‘play‘.

“Drum Corp is one of the best programs we have introduced at our school. The enthusiasm and thorough enjoyment expressed by all students is priceless and it perfectly expresses the ethos of having fun with education.”

“Lessons are so easy to run and keep our students engaged. We have a variety of skill levels and these lessons are entertaining and challenging for everyone. They align with our curriculum too!”

“The Drum Corp resource is incredibly popular with our teachers and students. The lessons are spectacular!”


Progressive Lessons
20 minute sessions that combine rhythm, fitness, movement and music

Brain Breaks
5 minutes of clapping and snapping fun to activate the class and re-focus any wandering minds

 All lessons are on-demand. Watch the video HERE


  • activates mind & body
  • endorphin-rich FUN
  • empowers students in their learning
  • builds mental agility, coordination and overall fitness
  • energy release
  • creative outlet
  • engaging and interactive


For 4 weeks, we’ll deliver Physical Education and Arts curriculum to your entire class… for free.

The Free Trial begins with a 15-minute Introductory Course that will have you ready to press ‘Play’.

It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s ridiculously fun.