Quick Start

Quick- Start Guide

This manual will show you how to run the Drum Corp Progressive Lessons for your class. At the bottom of this manual there is a link containing a short video. This video will give you a visual on what lessons look like, in action.

Do lessons in your classroom via Smartboard, or in the hall via Projector. As long as you have a large enough screen to play lessons on, and some form of a drum and sticks for students (supplied or DIY), you will be ready to go after reading this manual .

The Basic Set-Up:

  • Each student requires 1 drum, 1 pair of sticks, & sometimes 1 pair of jugging balls
  • Students to be spaced out as much as possible, ideally 1.5m apart
  • Students stand behind their drum, with the screen displayed out front of the class


Our gold standard for equipment is bucket-drums and pipe sticks, as it allows students to hit hard and jump high. However, you can use just about anything as a drum and sticks. Get creative!

For a Drum you could use a;

  • desk
  • chair
  • bucket
  • water jug
  • box
  • upside-down tub

OR – anything else you think up!

For Sticks you could use;

  • rolled up paper taped on both ends
  • rolled up plastic taped on both ends
  • pipe sticks
  • wooden spoons
  • cardboard rolls
  • OR – anything else you think up!

The Step-by-Step Process

In the classroom:

  1. Log in to www.drumcorp.com, choose the correct lesson, and stream onto the SmartBoard
  2. Gather equipment (sticks, drums and juggling balls, either DIY or with equipment provided)
  3. Get everyone standing up in their place, and spaced ideally 1.5m apart
  4. Pass out sticks – sticks go on the ground until you press play (trust us!)
  5. Press Play

In the hall:

  1. Open your laptop, go to www.drumcorp.com, log in and choose the lesson
  2. Prepare the projector screen (ie. pull it down, turn it on, etc)
  3. Plug the laptop into the projector and turn up the volume
  4. Set up equipment (drum on chair, 2 staggered lines, spaced 1.5m apart)
  5. When ready to press play, pass out sticks, and sticks go on the ground
  6. Press play

Key Points:

  • the “Start Here” video is a crucial starting point for both students and teachers to ensure grounding in teaching methods and behavioural requirements. We recommend that educators watch the video prior to bringing it to your students, so you know what to expect. 
  • lessons can be completed on any day and at any time of the week
  • these are ACTIVE lessons
  • noise management; only hand out sticks when you are ready to press play. Sticks go on the ground or “in your pits”. Ensure students respond to Instructors cues of “Sticks in Pits” throughout the lesson. At the end of a lesson gather drumsticks straight away
  • With Stage 1 classrooms, expect it to seem that lessons are “over their head”. As with all Stages, repeat lessons a few times and move on. You will be surprised what your young students will be able to perform by the end of the season!
  • For classrooms with noise sensitivities, using paper sticks on desks will be your quietest option. Students with severe sensitivity can wear headphones, but will have to be extra focused so they follow instructions properly and don’t interrupt the class
  • As we say in the “Start Here” video, students who are out of line should “sit out, or get out”!

The ‘Extra Bits’ – not to be missed!!!

Brain Breaks

  • 5 minute body/mind breaks to wake up the classroom
  • done in the classroom via Smartboard
  • requires no equipment

It’s all High-Fives and High-Vibes.

You are giving your students the gift of movement, expression, energy release and creative coordination, setting them up for a fantastic day of learning and living 🙂

Let’s play!