About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with fun and vibrant experiences that make them feel empowered and alive.  

When it comes to education, we know that colourful experiences engage students in their learning, and engaged students are empowered students.

What we do

We engage and interact with students through a powerful fusion of rhythm, fitness, movement and music. We call this fusion Drum Corp. The originality of these merged fields belongs to us.

Our program offers a fun and fresh approach to both education and fitness, with high-impact lessons that build mental agility, coordination and overall health….. in the most adventurous way. 

Through providing accessible and affordable programs, our content can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.  All you need is 2 hands and a heartbeat. 

The Global Vision

We are playing our part in creating a fresh and healthy new culture of humans who are empowered to reach their highest potential, and to take joy in every step of that journey.

We endeavour to bring colour and a sense of adventure into education, for both Teachers and Students. We endeavour to bring playfulness into personal health and fitness, and encourage our global community to thrive.

How it Began

It was in the hearts and minds of primary school students that Drum Corp first came to life. 

It starts with a world-renowned rhythm artist who had a flare for powerful sound and dynamic movement. This artist adapted his unique drumming style to bucket-drums and taught high-impact, high-energy lessons to classrooms of students in primary schools. 

Then, along came another creative artist who had a knack for fitness, dance and education. Their expertise and passions combined to make Drum Corp what it is today. 

We used our 15 years in schools to tailor this program to best suit the needs of the modern classroom, including under-resourced teachers, expanding student needs and limited budgets.


We love creating extraordinary performance opportunities wherever and whenever we can. 

In the past, this has involved hundreds of classrooms from various locations coming together for an experience like no other: SUPER JAM

The videos speak for themselves. Check it out!

“The Drum Corp is an innovative program that engages students of all ages, develops their confidence and provides them with an opportunity to shine.”

“Thanks for the energised approach you have in engaging the kids. Our students, staff and community have loved the lessons.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the Drum Corp! Our students have thoroughly enjoyed it, and they look forward to lessons each week. Our end of year performance blew everyone away, parents and community members couldn’t believe how far the students had come.”