Activate students’ learning and achieve real results.


At $250 for 1 teacher-1 classroom-1 year, this is The Ultimate Teachers Resource for Phys-Ed, Health-Ed & Arts-Ed 

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Drum Corp has a cutting-edge approach to education and fitness.

We equip teachers with cross-curricular content that is engaging, easy-to-use and ridiculously fun for the whole class. 

2 x Modules

Progressive Lessons

  • 15 lessons, 20 minutes each
  • lessons fuse rhythm, fitness, movement and music
  • leads to students knowing a 3-minute routine
  • Beginners version (Grades 2-4) and Intermediate version (Grades 5-8) of each lesson
  • lessons should be repeated at least 1x before moving on

Brain Breaks

  • a fun, 5-minute re-focus activity
  • 5 minutes of clapping, snapping rhythmical breaks
  • activates minds in the middle of the school day
  • students can be seated or standing

Features & Inclusions

  • Lessons are on-demand and can be done in any size space
  • COVID-safe
  • Includes a 10-minute Introductory Course for teachers and students which gives you everything you need to know. 
  • Cross-genre music that has a base in soul and electro-swing. We collaborate with International music producers creating these fresh and powerful soundtracks for each lesson.
  • Teachers are supplied with Curriculum Links and Learning Goals 
  • Specialised teaching methods, exclusive content and vibrant learning experiences


For Progressive Lesson Levels, students require something to use as a drum and something to use as sticks.

We recommend students use their DESK as a drum ..&.. ROLLED-UP PAPER for sticks

Stream lessons through your classroom SmartBoard, TV or Projector.

It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s ridiculously fun.

“The Drum Corp resource is incredibly popular with our teachers and students. The lessons are spectacular!”

“This program is the only one I know of its kind! Our students have had a very positive response to the program and many have grown in confidence. The Drum Corp program has been a huge success at our school and I can’t rate it highly enough.”

“Our kids really enjoy Drum Corp. The energy and engagement are always sky high when they do a Drum Corp lesson or Brain Break. It’s really valuable for  developing coordination skills and strengthening the general learning process.”