Activate students’ learning and achieve real results.


At $250 for 1 teacher-1 classroom-1 year, this is The Ultimate Teachers Resource for PDHPE & Creative Arts.

Drum Corp has a cutting-edge approach to education and fitness.

We equip teachers with cross-curricular content that is engaging, easy-to-use and ridiculously fun for the whole class. 


There are 2 modules within the Drum Corp resource;

Progressive Lessons

  • 15 lessons, 20 minutes each
  • lessons fuse rhythm, fitness, movement and music
  • leads to students knowing a 3-minute routine
  • Beginners version (Grades 2-4) and Intermediate version (Grades 5-8) of each lesson
  • lessons should be repeated at least 1x before moving on

Brain Breaks

  • 5 minute rhythmical breaks
  • activates minds in the middle of the school day
  • students can be seated or standing
  • a fun, 5-minute re-focus activity

Features & Inclusions

  • Lessons are on-demand and can be done in any size space, using equipment from around the school (see ’Equipment’ below)
  • COVID-safe
  • Includes a 15-minute Introductory Course for teachers, a 10-minute Introductory Course for students and a Quick-Start Guide which gives you everything you need to know to confidently press ‘play’. 
  • Cross-genre music that has a base in soul and electro-swing. We collaborate with International music producers creating these fresh and powerful soundtracks for each lesson.
  • Teachers are supplied with Curriculum Links and Learning Goals 
  • Specialised teaching methods, exclusive content and vibrant learning experiences


For Progressive lessons, students require a drum and sticks. Use materials from around the school.

For a drum, students can use;

  • their desk
  • a chair
  • a bucket
  • anything else you think up!

For sticks, students can use;

  • rolled-up paper or cardboard taped on both ends
  • plastic pipes
  • sticks
  • anything else you think up!

Stream lessons onto Smartboard or Projector.

Adapt lessons to any size space including the classroom, the hall or somewhere in-between.

It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s ridiculously fun.

“The Drum Corp resource is incredibly popular with our teachers and students. The lessons are spectacular! “

“This program is the only one I know of its kind! Our students have had a very positive response to the program and many have grown in confidence. The Drum Corp program has been a huge success at our school and I can’t rate it highly enough.”

“Our kids really enjoy Drum Corp. The energy and engagement are always sky high when they do a Drum Corp lesson or Brain Break. It’s really valuable for  developing coordination skills and strengthening the general learning process.”