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A fresh approach to education and fitness.

Our on-demand resource provides teachers with Phys-Ed, Health-Ed and Arts-Ed lessons. All you do is press play.

Our unique lessons are a fusion of rhythm, fitness and music.

Lessons are highly interactive from start to finish and can be done in any size space.

It’s adventurous, engaging and ridiculously fun.

This resource is best suited to classrooms from Grades 2-8, though it is enjoyed by both younger and older year groups.



We have classrooms from Kindergarten through to Grade 10 enjoying this program. With the younger grades, expect to repeat lessons 3-4 times.

It will appear that some of the content is going over their head, but you will be surprised by the end of the Progressive Lessons what students are capable of!

The cost is $250 +tax for 1 Teacher, 1 classroom, 1 year.

12 months of access to all lessons and modules for 1 classroom (see “Features” page for more details).

15x Progressive Lesson Levels
10x Brain Breaks

All videos are on-demand on our website. Teachers simply login, choose the lesson and press play through classroom SmartBoard or projector.

These videos are highly interactive and were designed to use with an entire classroom of students.


Each student will need a surface to hit, which will act as their drum, and something to hit it with.

We recommend students to use their desk as a drum and rolled-up paper as sticks.


We also use juggling balls from Lesson Level 6 onwards.

We supply DIY Videos for making Sticks and Juggling Balls in the classroom (3 mins each)


Log in, choose the lesson and press play.

The 10-minute Introductory Course will teach your students everything they need to know.


The Introductory Course is available after you register for the free version or purchase your lesson library.

Our content covers a comprehensive scope of Phys-Ed, Health-Ed, Arts-Ed and Personal Development curriculum that meets worldwide curricular standards.

Curriculum information can be found on our Curriculum Page.

Step 1 – sign up

Step 2 – watch the Introductory Course video

Step 3 – get started with the lessons!

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